Forever Comfy Combination Cushion

The Forever Comfy Combination Cushion provides support and comfort for both your back and bottom when you sit down. It will help prevent your back from aching your and your bottom from becoming sore when you sit down for too long.

One of the main reasons why your back hurts when sitting for long periods of time usually isn't your posture or position. But rather it is caused by your chair or seat being poorly cushioned and not offering enough support. But using the Forever Comfy will instantly lessen any discomfort that is caused by a hard and poorly cushioned surfaces.

Forever Comfy features a faux sheepskin on the outside with a combination of gel and foam inside. The therapeutic gel is sandwiched between two layers of high density foam to offer ample support and comfort. This gel and foam combo provides a supple layer of support for any seat, no matter how long you are sitting.

When you sit down the Forever Comfy it will evenly distribute your weight across and eliminate pressure that is usually placed on your lower back, muscles and joints. So you can now sit as long as you want and not have to worry about back pain.

The Forever Comfy works on practically any seat. It is great for seats in the living room, dining room, kitchen, or the office. Use it on your computer chairs, car seats, truck seats and more. It also works great at turning hard patio furniture or bleachers into a comfortable seat.

Since the Forever Comfy is lightweight and portable you can easily take it with your anywhere. From your home to your car and to your workplace. It will maximize your comfort on any kind of chair or seat.

Get a Forever Comfy pillow for only $19.95 plus $9.95 processing and handling. But that’s not all because with this double offer and you'll receive a second Forever Comfy as a bonus for free. Just pay a  separate $9.95 in processing and handling. You can use one cushion at home and one in your car or at work.